Dave & Adam's Premier Rewards Program

Level Up and Unlock automatic rewards with every dollar you spend

Dave & Adam's Premier Rewards Program"

Level Up and Unlock automatic rewards with every dollar you spend

Every dollar you spend earns you points, which automatically progresses you from Bronze all the way to our highest tier; Diamond

Sign-up is easy

Step 1
Login or create an account

Step 2
Spend $500 or more

You're automatically enrolled when you spend a total of $500 or more across all your orders, starting March 24th 2021.

*Enrollment is subject to review by our Premier team

Step 3
Shop and level up

Your perks are automatically applied once you are enrolled.

Plus, for every dollar you spend, you are awarded points which count towards your next level. $1 = 1 point. Point totals and Levels are automatically calculated every morning. Today's order could turn into instant rewards tomorrow.

The Perks

Personal Sales Representative
2 or more orders with an average of $500 or more.
Or a first time order of $2,000 or more.
Contests every Quarter
Gift Certificate for each new tier
Premier Exclusive Specials List
Bonus Points Promotions
Bonus Free Gifts Promotions
Earn points for selling to Dave & Adam's
Early Access to Presells
Save 1% off your order instead of a free gift
First Access to Reed Buys
Free Priority Processing
Open Invitation to Visit our Warehouse for a Tour
Direct Contact for Mike, VP of Sales and Product Management
No Money Down on Presells
Subject to review and limits. Cancellations may cause you to lose this perk
Private Happy Hour at the National Sports Collectors Convention
Direct Contact for Dave & Adam's Owner & CEO Adam Martin

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up
You must have a dacardworld.com account to be enrolled
Enrollment is automatic after you've spent a total of $500 or more, starting March 23rd 2021
What is the value of a point?
Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.
When are points calculated?
Points are based on the price of the items at time of purchase and added to your profile once your order ships.
When do pre-order points get calculated?
Points for pre-orders are based on the full price of the presell item including the deposit at time of purchase and added to your profile once your order ships.
Do I have to be logged in to earn points?
Yes! You must be logged in to earn points. Log into your account here.
Can I redeem my points?
No. There is no need to redeem your points. Your perks are automatically applied to your account.
Do points expire?
No, but in order to maintain your level you must place an order of any value at least once every 6 months.
How can I earn extra points?
Bonus points promotions are a perk of the Premier Program. Look for promotions throughout the year!
Can I transfer my points to a friend or relative?
No, points are non-transferable.
What if my points don’t get applied to my account?
It is possible you made a purchase without logging into your account. You must be logged into your account to earn points.
How do I reset my password?
Reset my password
Do my ebay purchases with Dave & Adam’s count towards my points?

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