A Smarter Way to Close the Deal

Transform the Way You Sell

Attention spans are dwindling, the competition is fierce and there is more noise in the market than ever before. Making the right first impression can be the difference between closing the deal or walking away empty handed.

Introducing PresentationOS

PresentationOS is a sales and presentation platform designed to empower sales teams to effectively engage with their audiences. Instantly access all of your sales materials, craft a sales pitch for the individual and follow through now.

All Your Materials

Standing out from the competition has never been easier. All your materials, in a variety of supported formats, on any of your screens. Make them instantly accessible by touch controls, and present professionally.

  • Incredibly simple to populate, update, and use.
  • Supports images, videos, PowerPoints, and PDFs.
  • Infinite content customization for interactive and touchscreen experiences.

Leverage Your Screens

Using a wireless iPad controller with a customizable interface, PresentationOS allows users to control the content displayed on one or multiple screens. With all your content pre-uploaded, you can immediately access the right information on any screen on your stand.

  • Control screens via iPad, or let visitors control them with their devices.
  • Manage multiple screens individually, or with the same controller.
  • Integrate the iPad controller with your architectural model lighting.

Craft Your Conversations

Seamlessly adapt the pitch to each individual audience, all from a single interface. Scrub through videos, flip instantly through the image gallery, skip through PDF thumbnails in the order that best answers their interests.

  • Modify your pitch to adapt to your customers’ needs.
  • Navigate instantly without breaking your customers’ experience.
  • Delve into details or stay high level: no load screens or changing applications.

Track Leads and Interests

Built-in forms on the iPad controller let you capture visitor data in real time. Automatically send personalized emails with links to content prospects ask about, and use the built-in analytics to better understand customer interests.

  • Sync all leads to a unified database through a simple form.
  • Review visitor interests, and which slides, videos or images were most shown.
  • Track which members of the sales team captured which prospects.

A Tried, Tested and Proven Platform

Our software platform has been leveraged by the largest organizations to deliver results at trade shows, sales centers and in corporate environments.