Making Their Mark

Transforming an Investment App


In the rigid and, at times, boring world of financial brands, DriveWealth wanted to set itself apart from the competition. As a stock-buying app geared toward millennials, the brand wanted an identity that felt young and fresh. Based on that concept, the MBLM team jumped headfirst into creating a dynamic brand program. Utilizing its Brand Intimacy findings, MBLM positioned the brand around the archetypes of enhancement (customers become better through use of the brand—more intelligent, more capable, and more connected) and identity (reflecting an aspirational image or admired values and beliefs that resonate deeply) to create a bold new brand promise and design.

Wanting to convey the spirit of success as a first-time investor, messaging such as “Make Your Mark” and “Rewriting the Rules of Investing” were written to create a compelling narrative that would appeal to those wanting to explore the stock market for the first time. MBLM then moved from the story phase to design as it set out to create a design system that captured the spirit of the aspirational messaging.

Using the DriveWealth logo as a jumping-off point, the MBLM team sought inspiration from the idea of activity and drive. The result was a playful design that featured bright colors such as yellow, purple, and cyan.


Launched in the summer of 2016, the end result was a fully responsive site with a vibrant look and feel. The messaging that was crafted was intended to appeal to those who may otherwise be nervous about investing in the stock market and leave them feeling empowered by the simplicity and control DriveWealth offers to its users.

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