AB (AllianceBernstein)

A Brand Transformation

Ahead of Tomorrow


A leading global investment management firm, AllianceBernstein, spent the last several years after the financial crisis focusing on evolving and expanding its business across asset classes and markets. To better reflect their new approach and offerings, MBLM worked closely with the company’s executive leadership and global offices to create a powerful brand and a go-to-market presence. After an extensive assessment phase, we developed a strategic framework to articulate who AB had become. We created a compelling brand promise, “Ahead of Tomorrow,” from which to drive all marketing efforts as well as segmented messaging guides. We worked with the firm to evolve their brand from AllianceBernstein to AB, enabling this new portfolio approach to simplify their divisions and to create better alignment. A bold new identity was designed as well as a fresh design system and updated corporate materials.


AB (Alliance Bernstein), a global investment management and research firm recently rebranded to better link its brand to its evolving business. MBLM worked closely with management to create a new name, strategy and identity as well as designing synchronized launch events, brand and corporate videos, global advertising (print, digital and mobile) and a revamped website. Since launching their stock price has increased 20%.

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