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Consumers who form strong emotional bonds with brands are willing to pay more for them and are less willing to live without them. Emotional science is at the heart of our annual rankings of intimate brands which, reveal the best performers. Explore our reports, dashboard, events, webinars and articles and see how you can apply Brand Intimacy to build better marketing outcomes.

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Brand Intimacy rewrites the rule book on how to establish your brand, connect with your stakeholders, and expand your market presence—all while increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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BFF Study

MBLM’s newest study ranks top intimate celebrity brands in the U.S. Entertainers, athletes, politicians and spiritual leaders drive trends, beliefs and culture. They clearly impact the products and services we buy, use and consume. In this way, they are undeniably powerful brands. Explore our findings and discover which famous figure has the strongest emotional connections.

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Use our data dashboard to review our brand rankings in detail, including key Brand Intimacy metrics, category head-to-head matchups, and performance over time. Filter your search by geography, industry, and demographics.

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