The Freelance Video Editor/Motion Graphics Designer delivers hands-on efforts in the motion and video team servicing each of the projects s/he is involved in providing excellent service while advancing skills of the studio’s accounts. 

This position is focused on developing the necessary skill set to become a successful senior level editor/motion designer with increasingly greater team and client responsibilities. S/he are a combination of experts in the tools and processes of video production and have strong abilities to tell stories through their work.

Video specialists are expected to be 80% focused on core skills while 20% on motion or animated graphics. Motion graphics designers have an opposite focus of activities.



  • Can facilitate and oversee the preparation responsibilities of the Associate Editor/Motion Graphics Designer and can execute those skills if one is not present in the team.
  • Advanced abilities to edit movie scenes and or create advanced animated graphics as well as lay down music and voice over tracks to scenes.
  • Create professional-level transitions, logo animations and effects explorations.
  • Excellent skills in editing or motion motion graphics, and abilities to fully produce video material in various formats from web, tape, DVD, or broadcast – (HD, DVD, movies for the web, and high resolution MP4’s used in digital presentations)
  • Responsible for the uploading, copying and delivering of files to the appropriate people and places.
  • Can work with team members in other disciplines coordinating components of the production
  • Mentor and support associates whenever needed.
  • Work smoothly with client and staff and can present a video production to a client effectively.
  • Continually communicate with managers on updates and status.


  • Bachelor’s degree in mass communications, television production, educational media, or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
  • 2-4 years related professional experience with a portion of the experience in corporate video production.
  • Experience in managing projects and timelines

Skills & Competencies

  • A good team player and has strong abilities to work with different team members within the studio and other disciplines
  • Ability to produce quality products under tight deadlines
  • Able to work independently or with limited supervision.
  • Flexible, open to moving design ideas on.
  • Good editing skills  with a solid understanding of relevant software.
  • Good knowledge of video production techniques and various video post production processes.
  • Good knowledge of CD-ROM, DVD, and Web-related (compression, encoding, streaming) requirements.
  • Demonstrated creativity, flexibility, and technical savvy.
  • If Editor: Excellent editing skills and abilities in the following MAC platforms:
    • Adobe Premiere
    • DVD Studio Pro
    • Audio mixing tools
    • Basic abilities in After Effects, Flash or Motion knowledge
  • If Motion Graphics: Excellent skills and abilities in the following MAC platforms:
    • After Effects (and/or Motion)
    • Flash
    • Audio mixing tools
    • Basic abilities in Adobe Premiere and DVD Studio Pro
  • Strong abilities to articulate an idea for any aspect of a production.
  • Good knowledge of video and various video post production processes and end use formats.
  • Overtime to complete a project occasionally required.

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